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    Energy Generation Company (Egenco) chief executive officer William Liabunya, currently on forced leave by the board, is believed to deliberately flouting procedures in a bid to serve personal interests and please his close friends and tribesmen.

    This publication understands that Liabunya has deliberately flouting company procedures especially in recruitment processes that were largely mired in sheer unprofessionalism, nepotism and cronyism.

    Liabunya has been in the news over the past two weeks for all the wrong reasons. He was sent on compulsory leave together with company secretary Videlia Mluwira pending a forensic investigation into their irregular dealings on a number of issues.

    The two obtained an injunction from the Industrial Relations Court (IRC) against the board of directors for its decision. However, the injunction was vacated days later and the same court determined that the two proceed on leave up until an inter-parties hearing scheduled for next week.

    Despite his efforts to play victim over his predicament, it has been firmly established that Liabunya is the architect of his own downfall following a string of unilateral decisions he made contrary to laid down procedures.

    The CEO is said to have appointed Blessings Phaliwa and Steven Kayira as Director of Operations and Director of Planning respectively. This move was taken to fill vacancies created after previous office holders had their contracts expired late last year.

    Strangely, instead of waiting for the board to initiate a proper recruitment process to fill the vacant positions, Liabunya singlehandedly forced the two new recruits into the system while deliberately ignoring what are given as standard procedures at the government-owned power generator.

    The embattled CEO is also accused of increasing his own salary and travelling abroad using company resources without obtaining an approval from the board or government.

    He has been taken to task to explain all the anomalies that have thrown EGENCO into the dungeon of bad governance.

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