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Monday, May 27, 2024

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    The Chakwera led Government has approved the 12 percent upward revision of salaries for employees in the civil service effective 1st April 2024 reportedly after exhaustive consultations with relevant stakeholders, mostly Civil Servants Trade Union and Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM).

    The announcement has been made by the Secretary for Human Resource Management and Development through a circular sent to all Controlling Officers and Heads of Departments with appendices indicating both old and new salaries as well as conversion tables for each grade.

    The circular also indicates that new entrants into the job grades shall be placed at the minimum salary points which have been duly attached to it. It further highlights that the incremental date for all officers remain 1st September.

    Statistically, the approval means that salaries have been cumulatively increased by 22 percent, 10 percent in January meant to cushion the effects of the devaluation, and 12 percent in April for the new financial year.

    In the 2024-2025 national budget the government had allocated K70 billion to cater for annual salary increments for civil servants, however, the latter asked for a bigger proportion which was duly granted, raising the wage bill to K100 billion.

    Some weeks ago, the CSTU General Secretary Madalitso Njolomole said that they are satisfied with the 12 percent increase.

    “Government officials told us that the money has been increased to about K100 billion, translating into a 12 percent salary increase for government employees. To us, this is a fair increase considering that, recently, government offered us another hike,” Njolomole said.

    Chairperson for the taskforce that was handling the issue, Charles Kalemba, also confirmed that the meeting went on well and that they have agreed on the amount.

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