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Monday, May 27, 2024

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    President Lazarus Chakwera has bemoaned the behaviour of some irresponsible citizens who are obsessed with spreading false and image-damaging information about Malawi to the outside world instead on promoting the numerous investment opportunities the country is endowed with.

    President Chakwera said this today while officially launching Agriculture Tourism and Mining (ATM) promotion week at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC), in Lilongwe. The plan is that there will be three conferences in line with the three elements within ATM strategy, and the first which has been opened today is the Agriculture Investment Conference, to be followed by Tourism then Mining.

    In his speech at the launch, Chakwera urged Malawians to be to be in the forefront spreading good information about the nation to the outside world, including showcasing the various investment opportunities in the land.

    “The message here is that we should be the first to promote investment opportunities available in Malawi.

    “Today we are gathered here to launch ATM promotion week to showcase investment opportunities we have that other countries do not have in the agriculture, tourism and mining sectors,” said Chakwera.

    The Malawi leader also advised those that shun agriculture just because they regard themselves as more educated to venture into farming to reconsider their decisions or stay self-doomed. He produced a case of a renowned global business icon Bill Gates as being among those investing in farming.

    He said “some of you don’t even know that Bill Gates, as wealthy as he is, invests some of his money in farming while you avoid it in the name of being too educated for such investment, and you prefer white-collar jobs.”

    The Agriculture Investment Conference which the state president has opened is, among other strategies, set to attract upcoming Malawian mega farmers to invest in commercial farming by introducing them to various viable agricultural value chains and the respective off-taker markets.

    The forum will also take-through farmers to various modern agricultural technologies for improved farm operations in order for them to maximum productivity. It will further serve as a platform for inviting individuals and companies to invest in agricultural production, resources, services and technologies

    The conference will also facilitate fostering of co-investment opportunities between Malawian owners of under-utilized farmland and others with the potential to invest in commercial farming.

    The Agriculture, Tourism and Mining (ATM) Promotion Week, the first of its kind, is taking place from April 19 to April 27, 2024 and will constitute three distinct conferences, the Agriculture Investment Conference, an International Tourism Expo and a Mining Investment Forum.


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