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    The end seems not yet insight for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) internal war as evidenced by the fact that scenes of confrontations between warring factions keep emerging.

    The recent fracas issued on Wednesday when two DPP lawmakers, Mark Botomani for Zomba Chisi and Blantyre City South East MP Sameer Suleman literally exchanged brows right in the August House, a move that coerced parliament to go into a 20-minute undue recess. Simply put, the two members of parliament (MPs) reduced the esteemed House into a boxing arena.

    Efforts by both the second Deputy Speaker Aisha Adam and DPP leader in the house, Mary Navicha to quell the situation ended in futility as the two parliamentarians, sarcastically cum boxers, were determined to resolve their differences through physical means.

    One may wish to know the bone of contention of the fight in a strange venue. It has been established that the misunderstanding came from social media reports that the MP for Chitipa South, Welani Chilenga, is planning to move a motion on age limit. From an interview which Suleman had with the Nation Publication, he said that he was infuriated by Botoman who commented on the planned age limit bill, castigating the former in the process.

    The Bill is expected to prescribe a maximum age limit for persons to be qualified for nomination into the Office of the State President, First Vice-President and/or Second Vice-President as well as a member of Parliament, by amending section 80 6(b) of the Constitution for the Presidency and Section 51(1) for a member of Parliament respectively.

    The truth is that there are two antagonistic camps within DPP, one led by DPP president Peter Mutharika, the other by the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Kondwani Nankhumwa. Suleman belongs to the Mutharika camp while Hon Botomani is for Nankhumwa camp. This is a long-time war.

    Having noted the two pugilistic MPs violated parliamentary rules/standing orders, the second Deputy Speaker Adam has smacked Suleman with a full sitting suspension while Botoman has been suspended for two days.


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