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    Two people were on Sunday arrested for invading the Attorney General (AG) Thabo Chakaka-Nyirenda’s house in Lilongwe’s Area 47 where they were reportedly caught stealing burnt bricks.

    The two have been identified as Bhat Chintin, of Indian origin, and another Malawian identified as Edward Wilson, who works as a casual labourer for Chintin.

    A bystander who identified himself as Stanord Mtandaza and witnessed the arrest of the two narrated yesterday that it was around 2 pm last Sunday when he saw Wilson collecting bricks in a sack from Chakaka Nyirenda’s yard without any consent.

    Mtandaza said at that particular moment, Wilson was seen offloading the collected bricks in a black saloon vehicle which was parked nearby and was being driven by Chintin.

    Chintin: Was picked by police for suspicious invasion of AG’s residence

    His misdeed was quickly curtailed when upon being tipped, Chakaka Nyirenda and his security team arrived on the scene and picked the suspects to Lilongwe Police Station for questioning.

    In an interview yesterday, Chakaka Niyrenda confirmed the incident, describing it as unfortunate.

    He said: “Yes, I am aware about this incident and it happened last Sunday. I don’t know really what these two were up to at my house apart from stealing my belongings right within my compound. It is my private security issue I guess.”

    The AG also confirmed that he did not hesitate but picked the two, aided by his security detail as well as driver, before handing them over to police.

    When contacted, Lilongwe Police spokesperson Hastings Chigalu also confirmed about the case but said he was not ready for nitty-gritties of the case and charges leveled against the two invaders so far.

    Chakaka Nyirenda: It is my private security issue

    “For sure we have such case but more details and its progress will be ready with me this [yesterday’s] afternoon,” said Chigalu.

    Chakaka Nyirenda was appointed by President Lazarus Chakwera on August 27 last year and replaced Chikosa Silungwe who was fired on July 21 the same year.

    Currently, among other high profile court battles, Chakaka Nyirenda is at the helm of challenging claims in excess of K2 trillion from private firms, contractors and companies emanating from legal compliance anomalies in previous government contracts.

    On several occasions, Chakaka Nyirenda has described most of the claims as outrageous and pure theft from unsuspecting Malawians.

    According to the AG, a majority of such claims are made in instances where such companies never supplied any services or goods to the people of Malawi but government was found in breach of terms of contract.


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