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    The Winiko momentum seems to have taken a dive quicker than anyone imagined. In a purely juxtaposed action, the drama celebrity has let go all the trust he seemed to build among some Malawians.

    In a space of 7 hours, Winiko used his newly adopted way of communicating using Whatsapp voice notes to confuse those who don’t know him fully, anger those who took him seriously and vindicate those who have questioned his emotional intelligence in national matters.

    The date was January 17.

    In the first communication, the former UTM Youth Director announced a new set of demonstrations to force Anti Corruption Bureau director, Martha Chizuma, to drop investigations on procurement Malawi Defence Force equipment. According to Winiko, despite the procurement of the military equipment having links with Zuneth Sattar’s companies, there was no need for ACB to aid any foreign elements in investigations as this compromises the security of the nation.

    Winiko went on to demand Chizuma’s resignation if she failed to adhere to his wishes and threatened a shut down of ACB offices.

    His previous voice notes have gone viral quickly and this one also followed suit albeit with negative feedback on social media.

    The returns must have shocked him. This is not what expected because his brand thrives on favourable social media outlook. He had to remedy his mistake in exchange of more favourable emojis, comments and continued charisma.

    What followed is pure drama. Winiko rushed to social media influencers to try and explain what he meant. Either they ordered him to redo his act or he offered himself. Within hours he released another voice note in which he is backtracking on most of the things he said about foreign interference, sovereignty, Chizuma resignation, ACB shutdown and everything else that undid his first effort.

    Winiko: Has lost trust among his followers for his double-faced approach

    His quick flip flopping now leaves his admirers somewhere between shame and regret.

    Many people who have ganged up against Winiko are those who previously saw him as their veil. Even some opposition parties hid behind him and funded his enterprise hoping that at a later stage it will benefit their agenda in the political arena.

    Now that the veil has fallen, everyone is exposed. Real agendas are in the open.

    Months ago when Winiko was picked by Police for sensitive remarks on albino killings, he enjoyed a social media drive which lobbied for his release. Government was ridiculed left, right and centre for arresting a man who was labeled as innocent regardless of his carelessness on the podium.

    The state might have gone slow on his prosecution but fact remains, his conduct has been wrong both morally and may be legally depending on the outcome of his cases.

    Winiko has always sought publicity in any form or matter. He has gotten it by hurting others and cheers from adherents.

    Now that the chickens have come home to roost, the person who was accorded beautiful titles in anti-government space is now a stage actor we have known him to be.

    How he proceeds to keep his supporters together is a story for another day. And how those he has fooled will allow to be fooled more is also a mystery. But as January 17, 2021 Winiko became obsolete in speaking on behalf of anyone.

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