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    A Malawian Afro-pop singer based in South Africa, Kalie-Chie, says he is set to release his extended play (EP) next month whose theme is love – emanating from his life experience.

    In an exclusive interview with Malawi Gazette from Blue Moon studio in South Africa, Kalie -Chie whose real name is Aubrey Chibaya Kalipinde- said he was expected to release the EP last year in April but everything came to stand still due to Covid-19 pandemic that led to successive lockdowns in South Africa.

    “Covid-19 has rendered me jobless for about a year now thereby disturbing all the plans I had for the album. I am now gathering myself in terms of finances so that the (EP) gets released by the end of May this year.”

    Kalie-Chie said he was once a victim of love and was once treated badly and that made him not to love again and loneliness engulfed him badly.

    He added that a lot of youth out there go through hard times and it is only music with love messages that can comfort them and change their way of doing things.

    Kalie-Chie: Gracing the music scene soon

    “I am conversant of how loneliness changes the mood of an individual who was at one time offered loved.

    “Several young people have ended up committing suicide. In view of this, I have thought of sharing with them that one can feel relieved when listening to music of my kind,” he highlighted.

    “After having a feel of love, it’s when I felt I should compose songs of life-related stories and all I consider in my composition is that we should not lose a life of a young person just because of depression.”

    The (EP) carries tunes titled Bwenzi lokonda, Misonzi, Love of My Life and Belita just to mention but a few.

    Kalie-Chie hails from Thyolo District and he did his primary school at Chirimba and Chisoka before being selected to Luchenza Secondary School in the year 2006

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