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    One of Malawi’s finest legal minds, Ralph Kasambara, has accused Anti Corruption Bureau director, Martha Chizuma, because she looks for a scapegoat every time she is called to perform in the fight against corruption.

    Kasambara made the views via his official social media profiles hours after leading weekly, Malawi News, published a story in which the ACB boss says she is under siege from detractors.

    The story quotes Chizuma as giving excuse after another on why she has failed to pursue cases as expected since she assumed office in February 2021.

    In his analysis Kasambara revisits the chronology of events in Chizuma’s tenure this far.

    “These jobs are not for the faint hearted., First cry: appoint me even after PAC has rejected me. Second cry: please ignore my breach of the law. I was trapped. But I am doing well against my bosses and enemies. Third cry: I need more funding.

    Kasambara’s Facebook post which has become an eye opener to many

    Fourth cry: I need independence from director of public prosecutions on prosecutions. Fifth: I need my own high court financial crimes division as the courts are delaying corruption cases.”

    He queried why after she got everything she asked for, Chizuma still seems unready to move with speed.

    The learned barrister points out that many stakeholders have given their fair assessment of Chizuma along the way.

    “Judiciary:  please get prepared when coming to court. So far you are embarrassing the institution and the profession. Some CSOs: where are we on those cases you made noise about? Too much talk no walk. Undule Mwakasungula: the director of ACB is taking Malawians for granted. She has failed to perform. Lacks strategy diplomacy and tactics for the job. In short we need to replace her.”

    He goes on to reveal of operational deficiencies existing at the bureau right now.

    “Insiders at the ACB: the institution is now divided into 2: those whom she trusts and works with; and those who she does not trust and ignores. As a result, there is lack of synergy at the bureau resulting in poor performance and leakages. Leadership is zero.”

    He went on to question why Chizuma’s supporters are brainwashed to believe whatever she says.

    Many Malawians who commented on the Malawi News story share Kasambara’s concerns that Chizuma has failed to do what she was employed for. They have since called for her resignation before the country completely loses track in the fight against corruption.

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