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    President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera says his government will not allow people who are fueling chaos to frustrate the progress this country is making. The Malawi leader said this on Thursday during the commissioning of the National Data Centre at the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) in Blantyre.

    The Malawi leader indicated that there are some who are not happy with the progress that the Tonse administration is making, are frustrated that the administration is delivering on its promises and have resorted to inciting violence in order to create disorder in the country.

    “We will never allow a few advocates of anarchy to turn the order we are steadily restoring to this country back into the chaos of the past,’’ said Chakwera.

    President Chakwera said there are people in the country who derives happiness in creating disorder by fueling anger of Malawians in order to create the impression that his administration is failing to govern this country. President Chakwera said it is these people who give government the unrealistic demands to fulfill all the campaign promises at once within a short period.

    The President cutting the ribbon to symbolize the official opening of the National Data Centre.

    “We will never allow a few people whose relevance is only visible when there is chaos to stroke public disorder and mob justice by telling their followers to resort to violence simply because our government has not met their unreasonable demand to produce a fully built house now when we have just started laying the foundation or to produce a fully cooked meal now when we have just started boiling water or produce a fully cooked meal when we have just started  boiling the water or produce a fully grown adult now when have just started nursing infant,” said President Chakwera.

    The Malawi President singled out the National Data Centre as one example of the progress government is determined to make in phases despite the prevailing economic challenges

    He said: “The National Data Centre is therefore a perfect example of the progress we are determined to make against all odds through phases of preparations, partnership and perseverance over the period that Malawians have given us.”

    The National Data Centre will host all government-wide systems and help the administration form economic, social and political insights for effective decision making and policy implementation. This first ever mega digital infrastructure which is already operational will raise the stakes in delivering data-driven, seamless and timely services to Malawians.






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