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Saturday, April 20, 2024

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    As Malawians waited anxiously on the resumption of printing services for passport books, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DICS) has come with a pleasant surprise with a reduction of a fee one pays to acquire the treasured book.

    The immediate reduction of ordinary e-passport fee from the previous K90 000 to K50 000 is proportion to a 55% reduction.

    DICS announced the good news through a press release indicating that it has now completed restoration works of its electronic passport issuance System. E-Passport printing has since resumed.

    Further communication from DICS via its Director General Brigadier General Kalumo (retired) has it that Malawians should expect resumption of printing of passports in Lilongwe this week before extending to the rest of the country.

    When the state president Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera issues an ultimatum to DICS to restore the hacked system within 21 days, there were many doubting Thomases especially from the opposition camp. Like with many unforeseen crises, Chakwera administration has managed to resolve the issue.

    The comments on social media can testify that the good news has been welcomed by many people since there are some who need this travel document as soon possible.

    Malawians have not hidden their joy over this exciting news. Sentiments gathered randomly within the public discourse show that while the country waited for mere resumption, the fee reduction is a landmark achievement by the Chakwera administration.

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