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    One by one President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s campaign promise are being fulfilled. On Tuesday, the country witnessed the launch of the National Youth Service (NYS) in Neno district. This is a fulfillment of a dream project which has been so dear to President Chakwera heart.

    Speaking during the official launch of the initiative, President Chakwera said he promised to establish the National Youth Service during the campaign in order to train thousands of unemployed youths across the country with marketable skills that will connect them to different opportunities.

    President Chakwera inspects some of the classes at Neno Integrated Youth Development Centre

    President Chakwera said NYS program has been designed to create employment opportunities to the youths especially those without tertiary education.

    “In short, the National Youth Service is a sustainable way of creating jobs for those looking for work today and those who will need work tomorrow, especially those who do not have the chance to attain a tertiary education,” said President Chakwera.

    Part of the first cohort of the National Youth Service from Neno

    President Chakwera challenged leaders to work towards empowering the youths with skills in order to mould future leaders that will be productive to this country. The Malawi leader said equipping the youth with different skills will enable them to stand against adversities of the changing times.

    “It is therefore an urgent need for us as your servants to empower you and equip you for a new season of jobs that is coming, not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of our country as a whole,” said President Chakwera.

    Chakwera: Equipping the youth with different skills will enable them to stand against adversities of the changing times.

    President Chakwera added that the goal of his administration is to give Malawian youths a chance to be part of the Malawi that is rising, a Malawi that rewards productivity and hard work not idleness

    The National Youth Service initiative feeds into the Malawi 2063 vision of an all- inclusive wealthy and self-reliant middle-income economy.



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