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    Mzuzu City Council has said K600 million funding will help them push for the completion of the road project which is aimed at reducing the congestion in the city.

    Speaking in an interview Mzuzu City Council spokesperson, McDonald Gondwe, said the K600 million will help push the completion of the road saying there will be no more congestion.

    “It is indeed true that the government has allocated K600 million for the construction of the Luwinga to Zolozolo road. In fact this is just a continuation because last year the road was also funded,” Gondwe said.

    He said last year the road was affected by heavy rains which has made the contractor to restart from where they stopped last year.

    “You know last year we started from Zolozolo side but because of heavy rains that also affected the water table on a stretch between Zolozolo Technical and Luwinga that is why we thought it wise to start from Zolozolo site.

    “The other reason is that certain section of the road from where the contractor stopped there are fibre cables, electricity wires and water pipes of which we requested they be removed or they be relocated,” he said.

    Gondwe said they do not set time because they work on the availability of the resources the council gets.

    According to Gondwe most of the roads they are working on are in continuation not that they have started new projects.

    One resident along the Mzuzu bypass road, Ephraim Daka, said the road will address mobility challenges they were facing.

    He said the challenges they used to face like impassable roads will be a story of the past saying the new road will improve mobility in the area.

    “We used to face challenges like impassable roads where by vehicles were unable to move especially during rainy season,” said Daka.

    The bypass will connect Mzuzu-Mzimba and Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay roads to ease congestion in the city.

    The K5.6 billion road project, which will serve Chimaliro, Zolozolo and part of Luwinga townships, will run from Mzuzu Government Secondary School junction to Luwinga Industrial Site.

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