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    Mzuzu City Council (MCC), in its drive to regain public trust, has prioritized public and institutional consultations and involvement in coming up with its development plans.

    Speaking recently in a media interview Mayor Gift Desire Nyirenda said the council had for the past few years lost public trust as it used to operate in isolation.

    “One of our strategies to reclaim the lost public trust is involving the citizenry in planning decision making processes,” said Nyirenda.

    He said it is high time that residents in the city had been complaining against lack of the council’s transparency and accountability in implementation of development projects.

    “There was a time when people, the council’s workers’ union and even councillors used to storm the council to lodge their concerns now and then. This was due to lack of stakeholder consultation in planning and decision making processes,” he said.

    He said the council is striving to build a new face by engaging the residents and soliciting their input so that it can have popular support in developing the city.

    “I have noted that our approach is bearing fruits as the community we serve is proving to be satisfied with our service delivery and of late, Zolozolo Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) raised K350,000.00 through a fundraising activity towards Keep Mzuzu City Clean Initiative,” said the mayor.

    Mayor Nyirenda satisfied with public response

    One of the block leaders of Zolozolo West Township, South Mfune, commended the council for demonstrating it puts to heart the interest of the city’s residents by improving its working relationship with communities.

    He added that there is development taking place, citing road network rehabilitation among others in his area.

    “Despite the development, block leaders are not involved in these activities and we therefore ask the council to start involving us so that they bring to us what we need in terms of development,” Mfune said.

    He said engagement of block leaders will go a long way in promoting transparency and accountability which he says has not been there for a long time.

    Another block leader for Masasa Kawalazi, Daniel Mzumala said block leaders’ involvement in development activities will curb abuse of resources at different levels within the council set up and promote community ownership over projects.

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