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    A house fighting against itself cannot stand. This is exactly what has become of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

    Since the party was booted out of power it has been rocked with divisions and they always struggle to agree on anything.

    In a latest episode of divisions, the outspoken member of the party Ken Msonda has torn apart the party’s response on President Chakwera’s New Year’s message.

    Speaking in an exclusive interview, Msonda described the DPP’s response as lame and shocking.

    Msonda said he is shocked to see that his party has the moral ground to accuse the Tonse-Alliance government that is working hard fix the mess the DPP administration created.

    He said: ‘’It is unfortunate that that DPP can stand on anthill instead of holding hands with the current administration in solving problems Malawians are facing.’’

    Msonda, said it is outrageous that it has become a tendency in this country that political parties become wiser when they are out of government the way the DPP is doing.

    He said the DPP was worse in dealing with corruption as it was an administration that interfered with the work of ACB and they underfunded the bureau thereby crippling the operations of the graft-busting body.

    ‘’It is unfortunate that in Malawi, political parties become wiser and more democratic when they are out of government. As a think-tank we think that the statement is misplaced because it is coming from a party that was in power before, but failed to address issues of corruption the way the current government is doing,’’ said Msonda.

    Msonda’s remarks is an example of a party that is desperate to bounce back in power by any means necessary but they cannot speak in one voice.

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