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    Governance and legal experts have cast doubt on a successful fight against corruption if Martha Chizuma will continue heading the Anti Corruption Bureau even with the new Corrupt Practices (Amendment) Act in place.

    President Lazarus Chakwera assented the new Bill a week ago meaning ACB can now proceed to prosecute corruption cases without seeking consent from Director of Public Prosecutions.

    During Capital FM’s panel discussion, Sunday Roundtable, lawyer Justin Dzonzi and social commentator Humphrey Mvula singled out lack of coordination between Chizuma and other state agencies as the main problem that defeat all other efforts in the fight against corruption.

    In his remarks Mvula said he was skeptical on the new law being effective if Chizuma continues to alienate he office from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

    Dzonzi: Chizuma is not a team player

    “The assenting of the Bill by the President shows political will on the part of government. However, there must be serious changes in how the ACB operates if this fight will be won. Chizuma should realise that she cannot do anything tangible if she sidelines these other offices,” said Mvula.

    On his part Dzonzi reiterated the need for the ACB director to iron out her personal differences with DPP Steve Kayuni and Attorney General Thabo Nyirenda.

    Callers to the program shared similar sentiments on how untenable Chizuma’s post has become regardless of the recent legal changes.

    “She can’t continue serving in that capacity. I would rather have Thabo (Nyirenda) at ACB to move forward with the new law that Chizuma,” said one caller from Chiradzulu.

    Another caller from Lilongwe was also of the view that if Malawi is serious with the fight against corruption then there must be change of leadership at ACB.

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