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    Energy Generation Company (EGENCO) Chief Executive Officer William Liabunya turned the company into his sexual haven with management decisions made in the bedroom with his sexual partner the Company Secretary Mrs. Videlia Mluwira, a brief on a pending forensic audit on their fraudulent activities and indecent conduct reveals.

    The sexual affair between the two is said to have compromised the CEO’s office and affected the operations of the power generating parastatal with Mluwira, who is “happily” married, making important management decisions singlehandedly.

    Ironically both Liabunya and Mluwira are currently on forced leave. The EGENCO Board resolved to suspend the two following an array of allegations of misconduct bordering among others around indecent behaviour including their sexual entanglement; negligence of duty and abuse of office; embezzlement; asset misappropriation; financial fraud; gross abuse of staff recruitment procedures; and financial mismanagement and abuse.

    Following these allegations, the Board resolved to engage an auditing firm to undertake forensic audits and investigations. The Board further resolved to send Liabunya and Mluwira on forced leave up until the probe is finalised.

    The two, for fear of being exposed, obtained an injunction from the Industrial Relations Court (IRC) against the board of directors for the decision. The injunction was vacated days later and the same court determined that the two proceed on leave up until an inter-parties hearing is held.

    Their application for an injunction raised suspicions that they know they would not come out clean.

    Among the many allegations, a brief on the planned forensic audits and investigations reveals that Liabunya and Mluwira have been engaged in a sexual affair that led to the Company Secretary having undue influence on the management of the company as well as getting unexplained favours from the CEO.

    The brief, which is based on informant report, discloses that, due to her sexual involvement with the CEO, Mluwira influenced the recruitment of several people including her younger sister Evelyn Chibisa and several of her closest friends. Chibisa is said to have no qualifications for the position of Administrative Assistant which she is holding and failed job interviews at EGENCO three times.

    “The informer believes Mrs. Videlia Mluwira influenced the appointment of Ms. Evelyn Chibisa since she is very influential in the company. Furthermore, the informer has stated that during the first and second interviews, the highest scorer was Ms. Evelyn (surname not known). She was the first candidate who was supposed to be considered for the position and not the current holders of the positions,” reads the brief.

    The brief further discloses that Mrs Mluwira was awarded a training scholarship despite not being qualified as her contract was about to come to an end.

    “Mr. William Liabunya the Chief Executive Officer (CEO.) and Mrs. Videlia Mluwira are having a sexual affair. This relationship has made the CEO to lose direction, focus and hold of the company. Now Mrs. Videlia Mluwira is running the company.

    “The Allegations of (such) unethical behaviour (are) demonstrated through threats being made on fellow female staff by Mrs Videlia Mluwira leading to their inability to progress in the company,” the brief further reads.

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