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    President Lazarus Chakwera’s decision to reinstate his chief of staff has received a huge nod from several key sectors of society that includes religious bodies, legal fraternity, civil society and politicians across the board.

    Among those that have spoken loudly in favour of the decision is the Public Affairs Committee, an influential quasi-religious organization that umbrellas all the religious groups in the country.

    In an interview yesterday, PAC spokesperson Reverend Gilford Matonga said PAC has no problem with Chakwera’s decision to reinstate Kapondamgaga because failure to do so would amount to unfair penalization.

    Said Matonga: “Any person in this country is innocent until proven otherwise by the court. So, in this case, we will be very hesitant as Public Affairs Committee to condemn or not to condemn the President because he is following the rule of law in that particular regard until it is proven that the law that Kapondamgaga received a Mercedes Benz S-Class 350d and other gifts from Sattar, the Chief of Staff signed a restitution agreement with the bureau after recording statement; hence, he will not face criminal charges.

    President Chakwera has been applauded by key institutions for his decision

    Restitution refers to a claim or remedy requiring a defendant to give up benefits wrongfully obtained. The ACB has since completed and closed investigations against him.

    The bureau further recommended that the Office of the President and Cabinet should immediately review the Malawi Public Service Regulations in accordance with Chakwera’s directive on June 21 2022.

    The presidential directive pertained to the suspension of Kapondamgaga pending ACB’s investigations.

    With the ACB’s recommendation to the OPC, it meant Kapondamgaga’s suspension be put aside, allowing him to resume his duties.

    The ruling Malawi Congress Party has also Chakwera for taking a bold decision in accordance to one of his governing principles, Rule of Law.


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