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Saturday, September 23, 2023

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    At a time when her performance is under serious scrutiny from all quarters, Martha Chizuma is having her story of failing to run affairs at the Anti Corruption Bureau now paraded on international media.

    Days ago Voice of America (VOA) spoke to governance and human rights expert, Undule Mwakasungula, to get his views on how Malawi is faring in the fight against corruption.

    Through its NightLife Africa program, VOA probed into why there are growing calls in Malawi for the ACB director to leave the stage.

    Mwakasungula cast doubt on Chizuma’s competence

    “Chizuma should resign to save the reputation of the bureau and avoid national ridicule. She has been dragging cases and has practiced selective justice. Furthermore, she lacks strategic direction and leadership,” said the seasoned activist.

    Mwakasungula singled out Chizuma’s failure to act professionally on the report she presented to the President as one major reason she should resign or get fired.

    “Malawians have seen no response to the report the anti-graft body presented to President Chakwera in June this year. It was wrong to start mentioning names of people when you don’t have evidence. At first the report showed that evidence is already there but there has been no action. You cannot implicate people before having concrete evidence,” said Mwakasungula who in 2021 was one of the people who loudly supported Chizuma’s hiring at ACB.

    Chizuma is under fire to perform

    On whether there is enough time for the ACB director to redeem herself and act according to people’s expectations, Mwakasungula cast serious doubts but left everything in the hands of the appointing authority.

    “It’s up to the President to decide whether to replace her or not. But I am worried because her term is fast elapsing and she may not do enough at this pace”

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