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    In a continuation of our series exposing evil deeds by Western governments, we have also come across an intelligence cable by the British in which they discuss Malawi’s rich minerals.


    • Frustrate Mining Policy
    • Exploit Malawi’s Minerals
    • Keep China Away from Precious Stones

    Africa’s destiny has mostly been a boardroom discussion in Western capitals due to the continents rich resources. The almost virgin potential of the extractive industry has left greedy Westerners drooling over precious stones find beneath the continent. Malawi is no exception going by what the intercepted cables from the UK Government reveals. They would love to see Malawi continue losing K25 million everyday due to illegal mining.

    Fact is, Malawi is a mineral-rich country but with little to show for it. President Lazarus Chakwera has been an advocate of reforms in the mining industry. In his policy address on May 2, 2021 the President came out boldly to dictate viable options that will make mining and extractive industries benefit Malawians.

    He has made it his prime goal to reorganize the mining industry that has for decades been exploited by foreigners and their local agents due to lack of regulation. Despite government issuing 250 mining licences mostly to foreign entities, the industry has remained stunted only benefiting black market players.

    The pro-Malawi stand taken by Chakwera on mining has annoyed Western powers who wanted to continue exploiting the country’s precious stones.

    The cables reveal that these foreign powers are busy in a blame game accusing other states like China of having a bigger share of Malawi’s minerals. Even the closure of borders due to Covid-19 is used as a reason by Western powers to take aim at their traditional diplomatic enemies.

    One cable reads, “As part of the protective measures against the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, Malawi closed its borders, locking out international buyers from centres such as Mumbai, Antwerp and China who traditionally travel to Malawi to view and buy diamonds and gold on the shadow market, although it appears the Chinese and British – Hongkong affiliates are flying into Malawi on private charter and buying gold and diamonds quietly under the guise of healthcare cargo.”

    The Westerners are now establishing what they call a ‘dawn phase” of political players in Malawi to isolate the Chakwera Presidency and create their own quasi-territory of resource rich zones.

    It is at the back of this greed that Chakwera’s efforts to restructure the mining industry does not sit well with them.

    “Albeit all the illegalities Chakwera should not be left to flow within his own personal liberties as collated using a list of intelligence agents,” reads another cable.


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