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Saturday, February 24, 2024

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    The opposition Democratic Progressive Party, in trying to look relevant within the country’s political landscape, has issued an end-of-year statement which lacks merit and honesty in all aspects.

    Signed by their hot-air spokesperson Shadric Namalomba, the statement represents a collective flawed thought pattern of a political party that lost the trust of Malawians in the 14 years they ruled this country under the tutelage of the Mutharika brothers.

    It is therefore not surprising that most of the issues raised in the statement only mirror the character of the DPP when they had the custody of state power.

    Where they talk of nepotism, they are only trying to force onto President Lazarus Chakwera the level of cronyism they practiced. It is common knowledge that during the rule of the two Mutharika brothers, all senior government positions were reserved for Lhomwe Belt homeboys regardless of whether one was qualified or not for a particular job.

    Almost every key state institution was headed by homeboys or blue-eyed men and women whose only loyalty was to the party not the nation.

    Talk of the Police Inspector General, Army General, Head of National Intelligence Services, and all heads of over 66 parastatals were dominantly picked from only one region.

    It is under President Chakwera that these positions are now spread across the country.

    This painful truth is forcing the DPP to cherry pick on the few appointments from the Central Region and project them as if they cover all institutions. This is a dishonest way of doing things.

    During their stay in power, DPP supporters plundered the country’s resources

    Just as a representative sample, the Inspector General of Police comes from the Central Region, the Army General and Head of NIS are from the North, while the Director General of Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority from the Southern Region.

    The same statement brings into public light painful reminders of DPP’s nepotistic tendencies.

    They have now labeled all arrests of senior DPP officials as a battle against people from the Southern Region.

    This is a twisted view.

    Where rule of law is practiced in full, the law is blind to any sort of social affiliation. The mistake the party made in the first place was to appoint people based on nepotism and ask them to be stealing public funds.

    It is therefore only logical that the thieves who were appointed from one region must face the long arm of the law as a group. Mind you, the few thieves stole government money and ate alone, it is only in this time of their justified tribulation that they want to regionalize and tribalize everything.

    2023 will come with many dynamics in regards to the rule of law and one thing is for sure, those DPP thieves who stole as individuals not tribes or regions, will continue visiting courtrooms and prison facilities as permanent residents. There are no two ways about it.




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