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Thursday, June 13, 2024

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    Few months prior to the 2019 elections, some political pundits observed that the day Malawi Congress Party gets into power will signify the end of credible opposition which provides proper checks and balances.

    Those words were sort of prophetic for everything that was said is coming to pass by each day. One doesn’t have to look further than the Democratic Progressive Party and their conduct within the country’s political landscape.

    A week doesn’t pass these days without the party issuing a statement through its not-so-bright Shadric Namalomba whose grasp of issues seems sub-standard.

    Just days into the new year, the DPP have already come early to the party, commenting on national issues with no proper direction and purpose.

    Their take on President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s new year address lacks merit for it is riddled with hatred, bitterness and an intention to manipulate.

    It is not surprising that they have delegated themselves to a bunch of clueless politicians in just less than three years of being in opposition.

    The DPP is in itself a confused lot. It is therefore asking for too much to expect them offer any credible opposition to government. Currently they are the most disorganized political party in the country with too many factions pulling in all directions.

    Instead of embarrassing themselves only once, they are now multiplying such foolishness across the board.

    Where Namalomba issues a statement, semi-illiterate fake PhD holder Kondwani Nankhumwa is visiting public service delivery units trying to find loopholes and Dalitso Kabambe is authoring dishonest statements about his involvement in misreporting financials to International Monetary Fund. There is just no time to miss DPP stupidity.

    Namalomba: The poster boy of DPP mediocrity

    This lack of cohesion makes their approach to provision of checks and balances half-baked and ineffective.

    A good example is from some weeks ago. Peter Mutharika called for a meeting of all DPP Members of Parliament to build consensus on a bill that facilitated the re-demarcation of constituencies and wards by Malawi Electoral Commission.

    What was laughable was that the day he called for the meeting was 72 hours after the said Bill had already been deliberated and passed in Parliament.

    Probably one would ask Namalomba to spend time doing proper research on national issues for his boss than rushing to author elementary statements that lack credibility.

    The statements have now become too monotonous and do not serve any purpose in the current political dispensation.

    It is time the party wakes up and concentrates on sorting out the leadership crisis that has become synonymous with their DNA.


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