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    Intelligence cables between Western governments has revealed a series of dark secrets on what they intend to do to Malawi and its leadership either to force President Lazarus Chakwera adopt their trade and civil liberties agenda or replace him with more pro-West political leadership.

    In this month-long series, called LILONGWE FILES, we expose the evil intentions of these Western Governments as they try to force their trade, diplomatic and political agenda on Malawi

    The intercepted cables were sent from intelligence elements domiciled in Dodoma, Cape Town, Luanda and Malawi are addressed to Foreign Commonwealth Office, Defense Intelligence Agency, Secretary of State, MI6, United States Africa Command.

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    • Unethical Collaboration with Anti Corruption Bureau
    • Push National Crimes Agency to Convince Attorney General to Accept British Evidence
    The intercepted intelligence cables

    In light of Zunieth Sattar’s arrest and subsequent bail in the United Kingdom, the Boris Johnson administration has been seeking to collaborate with Malawi’s Anti Corruption Bureau to trail Sattar’s financial misdeeds.

    Through the National Crimes Agency, the UK Government has worked day and night to force ACB director, Martha Chizuma, to accept wholesale the evidence gathered during investigations in London. The law in Malawi does not entertain such a scenario. Sovereignty statutes demand that the evidence must only be presented to Malawi’s investigation and prosecution agencies as preliminary dockets only to be upgraded at the discretion of the Attorney General’s determination.

    The cables discussing infiltrating Attorney General’s office with spies and wire taps

    Realizing that Malawi’s sovereignty is of no compromise, the UK Government has been trying to push the evidence to ACB so that it is used to arrest and prosecute people mentioned in the Sattar files.

    The NCA has been spying on and canvassing to Attorney General, Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda, so that he bends the rules and accepts the preliminary evidence and escalate as per their wish.


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