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    Joshua Chisa Mbele’s activism has suffered a big setback as people are reluctant to support his demonstrations following allegations that he survives on duping people.

    The story of him being a conman came to light on Wednesday through a Facebook post by another activist Ben Chiza Mkandawire which claimed that Mbele has a fake company called Ulalo Holdings which has been duping people through business deals that never materialise.

    The Salima-based activist has thrived on instigating civil disobedience and poking nose into other people’s affairs has been bragging about his riches yet he has been on bended knees lately asking for monies from Malawians to fund his “politically motivated” demonstrations against government.

    So far the response from the Malawians to support the demos have been so underwhelming this crooked story may just dampen the spirits of those willing to join the demonstrations.

    Updating his begging pleas on his Facebook page on Tuesday Mbele wrote: “Real Comrades show up mbale ikamayenda.Tasonkhani.You have been asking where to send your contributions.The Mass demonstrations organising commitee has in the background authorised to use my particulars in the interest of time.”

    The stagnant project in Salima has forced conman Mbele to beg for alms

    But reacting to Mbele’s plea for ‘alms’ some Facebook users had no kind words for Mbele. Some went as far as suggesting that with the conman story in mind, this may just be a fundraising venture.

    One Patrick Gwengwe wondered what the contributions for. He described the move as a rip off: “What kind of demonstrations are these that demand the contributions from demonstrators?.This is day light robbery.”

    Gabriel Ngalande Chunga said: “I can’t do this. I have many responsibilities so many responsibilities on to waste money. I need money and you expect me to contribute to things that will not bring food on my table?”

    Mike Nyirenda said: “My advice is that you should stick to what you know best. You don’t have what it takes to organise the mass demonstrations.”

    As it is Chisa Mbele is fighting two wars. On one hand he is facing difficulties convincing people to fund the demonstrations. On the other, he will have the damage control to attend to in the light of Chiza Mkandawire’s revelations of him being a conman.

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