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    Chizuma has a mind of a judge. From her law school, she joined the judiciary as a Magistrate. From there she went to head the Ombudsman. This is why most of her work at the Ombudsman took the style of a judge. Most of her work at the Ombudsman, however, has been overturned by the courts because she operated as a judge on a wrong forum. Thus she got most things wrong.

    This is not to say Martha is dull. She might be intelligent. But what she needs with her wits is an appropriate forum. The ACB doesn’t seem to be a correct forum for her. She has zero litigation experience. She is 18 months now into office. Nothing to show except achieving a quasi-celebrity status emanating from the public that has faint clue. At this pace, we may reach 2025 without cracking any single leg of corruption. That could be worrisome.

    Martha’s incompetence at ACB cannot be sufficiently highlighted by isolated claims from the Queens Bench. The best way to demonstrate her incompetence is by giving a chance to a candidate who may do the right thing. It happened with Jane Ansah. Chifundo Kachale’s actions demonstrated how to competently run a credible election. It happened with the AG office. Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda has demonstrated how his predecessor was getting it wrong.

    I don’t doubt Martha’s desire to crack corruption. While she is equiped with that mere desire, she simply lacks the skill to deliver the iron whip to occasion the sought crack. Only an experienced litigator with equal credibility and willingness to fight corruption can demonstrate how we have been wasting time with Martha. Let those who applied for the position competing with her come forward with their game plan. They must demonstrate their action plan and gauge them against the general expectations. It is doable.

    Martha must be promoted to the High Court where she will operate as a judge. If she makes a mistake in her judgement, she can always be appealed against. That’s the beauty of the judiciary. At ACB, Malawi is wasting time with Martha.


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