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    Vice President Saulos Chilima is misleading his already brainwashed supporters when he claims that he is a victim of politics after his name appeared on the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) list in connection with businessman Zuneth Sattar.

    When President Chakwera asked the ACB to submit to his office a report on their investigation he did so with Malawi at heart for he has always believed that the Rule of Law must prevail.

    It can easily be ascertained that when the report reached his desk, the President was shocked. Shocked because people closest to him were mentioned in the report. Primarily, these people do not include the Vice President himself.

    Look, the President was at pains to suspend his Chief of Staff, months after he also let go former Minister of Lands and top Malawi Congress Party (MCP) official, Kezzie Msukwa, who is facing a related corruption case.

    Even before that, President Chakwera has had to deal with other key advisers once they got entangled in corruption.

    Chilima lost an opportunity to prepare his supporters who came to his Area 43 residence for a gruelling court battle ahead

    By firing the Inspector General, suspending both the Chief of Staff and the Chairman of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Authority (PPDA), President Chakwera simply followed the law and acted within his jurisdiction.

    Similarly, the action on the Vice President was also done within the confines of the law.

    This is why Chilima must not try to be clever. His assertions are pure propaganda that can be sold to his fanatics only. It is a norm that when you face corruption charges you must face the ordeal with heart. It is only the courts that can exonerate you as and when the court proceedings have run their full course.

    He can try for now to project his nightmare as a political scheme but once the matter is brought before a competent court of law

    The President took the best action there is. Delegated powers are not Chilima’s to hold on to. Constitutionally he must wait for the State President to assign him duties.

    It is his choice to fight as a street fighter, kicking everyone he sees or be strategic and prepare a solid defence in court as the ACB close in on him.







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