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    Vice President, Saulos Chilima is on a self-enrichment mission as he labors to build financial and political capacity ahead of the 2025 Presidential poll where he wants to dislodge incumbent Lazarus Chakwera, Malawi Gazette can reveal.

    Since he declared an all-out political war on his boss and all Tonse Alliance partners, Chilima has been working tirelessly to amass wealth most of which has come through corrupt and dubious means.

    The Area 10 complex

    Using the corrupt proceeds, the UTM leader has initiated multi-million projects across the country using his friends as decoys.

    He is currently constructing an office complex where Dunduzu Street meets Chayamba Drive in Area 10. To disguise his covert operations, Chilima has deliberately pushed a false narrative into the public domain, attributing ownership of the project to one of his close friends (name withheld).

    The imposing structure viewed from Dunduzu Street

    Another place where the Vice President is pouring in massive resources is at his home village at Nsipe in Ntcheu where he is turning his parents’ compound into a multipurpose complex. The barbed wire structure will cater for his offices, lodging and conference rooms.

    The project, valued at around K354 million will transform the Nsipe home and extend evidence of his grandiose corrupt lifestyle to his poor folk around his home village.

    The Nsipe structure, which SKC failed to develop during his five years under DPP, has now taken a huge facelift

    The project will widen the chasm between him and the rural people at Nsipe. Chilima is renowned at his home village as the town boy who lives big but chooses not share his success with his relatives in the village.

    Malawi Gazette can also confirm that the Vice President is carrying out massive renovations for his private residence turning it to an imposing structure that will transform the skyline above the plush suburb of Area 10.

    All these lavish projects are coming at a time when Chilima is caught in a web of corruption for receiving US$1 million from Zuneith Sattar, the country’s current kingpin of corruption.







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