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Saturday, February 24, 2024

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    There is renewed hope in the country that the fight against corruption will take good turn following the confirmation of Masauko Edwin Chamkakala as the new Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) by the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament (PAC).

    Coming from a past where the former occupant of the position was always at loggerheads with the Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau Martha Chizuma over some petty personal issues which almost paralysed the progress of their collaborative efforts required of the two offices in combating graft, Chamkakala’s ascendancy to be the in-charge of prosecution may just be what the country needs if we are to win the battle against graft.

    President Lazarus Chakwera appointed Chamkakala who until his appointment was Executive Director of Legal Aid Bureau.His appointment was subject to confirmation by Parliament and the August House did just that on Monday.

    Kayuni: Was shown the exit door weeks ago

    Confirming the news of Chamkakala’s confirmation, PAC Chairperson Joyce Chitsulo said 14 members out of 16 voted in favour of him to be the new DPP. Chamkakala replaces Steve Kayuni who was removed two weeks ago by President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera.

    Looking at his resume one can’t help but accept that the office of the DPP is in good hands.

    But perhaps while the nation is celebrating the new broom at the Directorate of Public Prosecution, there is need to be mindful Ms. Chizuma and her antics.

    At this stage, it is common knowledge that no single person can singlehandedly win the fight against corruption.

    However, Chizuma always acts aloof. She always wants to operate in isolation to take credit for everything.

    This is why Ms. Chizuma has always been at war with Steve Kayuni; the person she was supposed to work hand in hand with as her superior.

    Chizuma: Will she work cordially with the new DPP?

    It is not lost on me to say that Chamkakala’s confirmation good as it sounds is not an end on itself.

    Ms. Chizuma’s conduct going forward will determine whether we are making headway or not.

    During her time as the ACB, Chizuma has gained reputation for not wanting to cooperate with other agencies involved in the fight against corruption, that is why in her little over one year at the helm of ACB, she has not only fought with the office of the DPP but has also repeatedly discredited equally important institutions such as the office of the Attorney General, the Malawi Police Services and the Judiciary.

    Chimkakala ticks all boxes and President Chakwera could not have looked any further when searching for the new DPP but the onus is on Chizuma to cooperate with him for the sake of progress on the fight against corruption.

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