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    President Lazarus Chakwera’s quest for good governance in his reign looks established than ever as the Malawi leader has now taken his Rule of Law sermons to a global congregation.

    Chakwera on Tuesday reiterated on the need for governments to promote the rule of law in attempts to secure global peace.

    He was speaking at a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) organised event, dubbed Democracy Delivers, held on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) currently underway in New York, United States of America (USA).

    Chakwera, who argued that democratic values around the globe are being challenged by recurring insecurity, nationalism, geo-political tensions and extreme political ideologies, called on leaders to consider consolidating democracy for the attainment and sustenance of development, peace and security.

    “Through democratic governance and rule of law, we safeguard and promote human rights, and peaceful coexistence between peoples. However, the rule of law entails that laws must be clear and accessible to the citizens,” said President Chakwera.

    The President, who admitted gaps still exist in his government’s attempts to create an effective governance environment for socio-economic growth, asked for more support from development partners in form of both funds and technical expertise especially towards capacity building.

    Chakwera conferring with US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, after the USAID event

    Some of the strides his administration has undertaken since he rose to power in 2020 in relation to promoting the rule of law- which he said is key in fostering peace and co-existence- include appointing females in positions of influence within the public sphere, establishing an International Commercial Arbitration Centre, and also reviewing laws and curriculum to make them responsive to people’s needs.

    Said Chakwera: “In addition, we recently passed laws that establish a special court of financial crimes to ensure that cases relating to such crimes are expedited.”

    Among others, the International Commercial Arbitration Centre will be responsible for dispute resolution; a move highly backed to add variety of dispute resolution mechanisms in the country, thereby strengthening democracy in the region.

    “I am proud that Malawi is an example to the world of the practice of democracy through the advancement of democratic norms and the strengthening of democratic institutions,” the President said.

    Chakwera is expected to make his maiden UNGA address on Thursday, September 22 where he is likely to advocate for increased support towards the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to help foster global peace.

    Currently, Malawi chairs the LDCs block, and Chakwera- an ardent believer in equality and equity- has been hailed as key by various quarters to have successfully led efforts to have the grouping being heard so far since he came to power.

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