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    The honeymoon is over for all corrupt individuals across all sectors. This is the message which President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera sent on Tuesday at the closing of a two-day National Anti-Corruption Conference held in Blantyre from Monday.

    The President, in his address to participants to the conference, warned individuals who are still practicing corruption or are planning to continue the malpractice that the long arm of the law will come after them.

    The Malawi state President said God is not pleased with corruption and Malawians are fed up as such Government will use the wrath of the law to deal with anyone caught in the act mercilessly. The Malawi leader said this country is in the hands of God and with his help, the war against corruption will be won.

    “Lastly, my message is to those who are still practicing corruption or plotting to do so: God is against you. Malawi is against you, and when we find you, the law will deal with you. God is with us and we are going to win,” said Chakwera.

    The President is serious to uproot corruption from the country’s social fabric

    During the speech, President Chakwera asked Malawians to embrace the new way of thinking which calls for the citizenry to treat corruption with contempt, as their biggest enemy and not welcome it in the country.  President Chakwera asked the nation to regard corruption as their biggest enemy and must categorically not welcome it anywhere

    “But what is going to be our Anti-Corruption campaign message across the country in the next twenty-weeks? The message we must each spread for the next twenty weeks is simple words: Corruption is our biggest enemy, and is not welcome here,” said the President.

    The National Anti-Corruption Conference which was framed under the theme “Resetting the Moral Tone” was jointly organized by the Anti-Corruption Bureau ACB and the Ministry of Justice. The Conference has set out a new way of looking at corruption and discuss ways of tackling it.


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