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    In a bid to boost tourism and spur economic growth, Malawi leader Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has removed visa restrictions on a number of countries, a move that will likely attract tourists and investors into the economy.

    Announcing the move days ago, Minister of Homeland Security, Hon Ken Zikhale N’goma, listed over 48 countries including USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, China and Russia — which are considered key source markets for international tourism and business arrivals into Malawi.

    The decision by Chakwera administration to relax visa restrictions means that people from beneficiary nations will be allowed to enter Malawi without visa, a move which has been welcomed by many business circles as it is believed to be a good approach to boosting foreign currency.

    The move is already getting kudos from notable voices from the business, diplomatic and social sectors

    Standard Bank Plc Chief Executive, Phillip Madinga, says the decision to scrap off Visa restrictions is a welcome one as it will help the country increase inflows of scarce foreign currency.

    “This will help make Malawi an attractive tourism destination and boost foreign currency flows in the long-term,”

    Commenting on the same development, the UK Embassy in Malawi is urging people to take time and visit Malawi where they can enjoy a range of popular tourist attractions such as Lake Malawi, Mulanje Mountain, Nyika Plateau and many game reserves as well as national parks.

    “Brilliant for tourists and brilliant for Malawi’s economic growth. GB friends and colleagues what are you waiting for?” UK High Commissioner in Malawi Fiona Ritchie ecstatically commented on X.

    The Minister of Tourism, Hon Vera Kamtukule has highly rated the move and described it as an audacious spring towards a brighter future, arguing that it will unbridle the unexploited potential of Malawi and invite the world to experience its wonders immediately.

    “Malawi, the radiant heart of Africa, now beckons travelers from every corner of the globe with open arms. From the majesty of our landscapes to the warmth of our hospitality, every moment spent in our embrace promises to be an unforgettable adventure.

    “As we chart our course towards Malawi 2063, envision a future where our nation stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration. With each visa waiver, we pave the way for new connections, cultural exchanges, and economic opportunities that will enrich our lives and empower our communities,” commented Kamtukule via her Facebook wall.

    The Visa exemptions also apply to all Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) and Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa (COMESA) member states, including some multilateral institutions that do business with the Malawi government.


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