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    The decision by President Lazarus Chakwera to dissolve his entire cabinet while also maintaining in office the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) boss Martha Chizuma has earned the first citizen international a rare praise from the international community which has described the action as ‘rare.’

    On Monday, Chakwera announced dissolution of his cabinet and hinted further that he will not rope in Minister of Lands Kezzie Msukwa as the estranged minister is being probed by ACB over corruption allegation.

    In the same address, Chakwera also announced that he will not fire Chizuma, despite the ACB director being embroiled in a leaked recorded audio scandal in which she is holding a conversation with unknown person, discussing certain elements and perspectives related to the Bureau’s fight against corruption.

    Lumumba: Has saluted Malawi’s First Citizen

    Specifically, Chizuma discussed what Malawi’s foreign partners said to her about the role she must play in the fight against corruption.

    In addition, in the same leaked audio, Chizuma also discussed exactly when the Bureau will take action on its findings while also discussing about her knowledge of a bribe accepted by a specific judge two days prior to attending a hearing before that judge.

    But despite such misconduct and breach of an oath she made, Chakwera announced through his televised address that he will still maintain her for ACB’s top most job.

    Reacting to decisiveness action by President Chakwera, United States Embassy in Lilongwe said on Tuesday that  it welcomes the bold steps made by Chakwera on his commitment to fight against corruption in Malawi.

    According to a statement issued by the Embassy, corruption poses a significant threat to Malawi by wasting public resources and undermining democracy and the confidence of citizens.

    President Chakwera: Has earned a lot of international praise 

    Chargé d’Affaires Jeremey Neitzke stated: “We are encouraged by President Chakwera’s commitment to ensuring that Malawi’s accountability institutions are apolitical and that those engaging in acts of corruption are brought to justice.  The U.S. government supports efforts to prevent corruption by encouraging government transparency and access to information, as well as to prosecute corruption.”

    According to the statement, USA and Malawi share democratic values and a belief that active citizens are the wellspring of democratic accountability.

    To safeguard development, democracy, and peace, Neitzke said Malawi must make fighting corruption a priority, adding that “We concur with President Chakwera’s call to the citizens of Malawi to play an active role in the ongoing fight against corruption.”

    Joining the bandwagon, Zambian former vice president Dr .Nervas  Mumba wrote: “congratulations  President Chakwera on the bold decision to dissolve cabinet in order to stop the rot of corruption. This boldness is rare but necessary. Drastic steps are needed to stop this cancer in Africa.”

    He also commended Chakwera for what he described as the “unusual wisdom” he has used in handling the matter of the Director General of the ACB.

    “The last time I heard of such wisdom is when Solomon in the Bible was asked to resolve a feud between two women who were both claiming that the living child was theirs. This singular act distinguished Solomon from all other Kings.

    President Chakwera has decided to keep the Director General even after her disparaging comments against him. This is history in the making.Africa is watching the developments in this small Central African Nation,” said Mumba.

    Weighing in on the same, renowned and staunch Pan-Africanist Professor Patrick Lumumba, who is known on the continent for delivering several powerful speeches alluding to African solutions to African problems, also saluted Chakwera for his brave and decisive policy actions.

    He wrote on his facebook account: “I salute President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera for his enlighten address to the Malawians people on Monday, the 24th day of January, 2022.”

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