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    Two years may seem too short to make significant transformation in terms of development endeavors but President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has demonstrated that with commitment, it is possible to change the outlook of the country as evidenced by Malawi’s turnaround in two years of his leadership.

    The remarkable transformation that has been registered has been noticeable such that even President Chakwera’s critics cannot pocket their excitement at trajectory the country is taking.

    Joshua Chisa Mbele is one of President Chakwera’s fiercest critics but the Salima born man has seen a lot of progress in the last two years his eyes have never seen in his entire life.

    Reacting to the news of the impending establishment of the Malawi International Arbitration Centre, Mbele took to his Facebook page commending President Chakwera for pioneering the establishment of this legal institution.

    Chisa Mbele said it will put a stop to what has been happening in the country where some domestic disputes have to be resolved in other countries because the country had no court of arbitration.

    He said: “We are capable of making and standing for excellent practices. I give my strongest support to this development. We must operationalize and domesticate the rules as part of legal routine. Thank you President Chakwera. You are now my best friend.”

    This is not the first time that Mbele had to remove his anti-Chakwera’s blinkers commending President Chakwera for his development undertakings. Ahead of the groundbreaking ceremony for the M1 Road project from Kamuzu International Airport to Chiweta, Mbele commended President Chakwera’s commitment to develop this country through road infrastructure.

    He particularly described the M1 road as “the game changer’’ that will link the country to some strategic trade routes like the Port of Dare es Salaam in Tanzania.

    This brutal truth maybe unsettling to other critics including those on social media whose occupation is faulting Chakwera at every turn.

    Everyone in Malawi has seen the rays of the rising sun only that some choose to pay a blind eye to the obvious, but Mbele, as controversial as he is, could not conceal the excitement to the new dawn under President Chakwera.





















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