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    Calls to have Anti Corruption Bureau director, Martha Chizuma, resign are growing louder as she is now visibly deemed unable to discharge duties due to corrupt tendencies she has developed over the past months.

    Malawi Gazette has seen a letter from rights group Citizen’s Scale addressed to Minister of Justice, Titus Mvalo, requesting an investigation into allegations that Chizuma pocketed $70,000) (approximately K70 million) from Chinese Railway Company as kickback for her to influence awarding of contract to the company.

    The 72 kilometer Marka-Nsanje railway line project has been entangled in controversy after the first award to Mota Engil was rescinded by the ACB and a new tender process ordered.

    The Citizen’s Scale is also demanding an investigation on Chizuma for her involvement in the awarding of fuel importation contracts at National Oil Company of Malawi (Nocma).

    Besides her corrupt tendencies, Chizuma is overtly too distracted and ineffective since she was caught in a leaked phone conversation revealing details of ongoing cases to a friend weeks ago.

    Even though she was forgiven by President Lazarus Chakwera for her careless act, she is failing to exert influence on important matters due to her shocking levels of ineptitude.

    Contrary to the hype that ushered her into office she continues to display lack of understanding of legal and administrative issues within her mandate as ACB director.

    For instance, she has been sending half-baked requests to the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) seeking consent to proceed with cases. And when consent is denied she rushes to her social media fanatics to vilify the DPP Steven Kayuni as way of buying sympathy.

    For nine months now she has failed to understand and interpret the legal framework within which she must execute her duties.

    To complicate matters, Chizuma has been operating in isolation ignoring assistance from the bureau’s directors on Investigations and Prosecution.  Since she came into office, she has frustrated efforts of the two offices by either abandoning their advice or completely ignoring meeting them.

    A local weekend paper yesterday also queried Chizuma’s effectiveness as she is constantly missing work and important appointments under the guise of being on leave.

    He game plan is currently under wraps but, going by the discontent among many quarters of society, Martha Chizuma has now rendered herself useless in the fight against corruption.





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