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Monday, May 27, 2024

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    Mzuzu City Council has asked block leaders in Chibavi West Ward to adhere to city laws as they discharge their daily duties within their jurisdictions.

    Speaking during installation ceremony at Mango tree, Mzuzu City Mayor representative, Edward Simwaka, said it is good for elected officers to work within limitations of the law so as to serve their people better.

    He added that councilors in Mzuzu are committed to work together with block leaders towards the development of Mzuzu City.

    “We promise to work with block leaders in order to promote the development of the city which is our core duty as councilors,” he added.

    Simwaka further said now it is time to end the powers of chiefs by lineage in cities who have been more powerful than block leaders. He noted that the City Council has since purchased official regalia for block leaders for easy identification and also to show that they are operating on powers from the local government.

    Simwaka posing with some of the block leaders during the meeting

    In his remarks Chibavi senior block leader, Josiah Ngala, said he will make sure that there is good working relationship between block leaders and councilors in Chibavi.

    “I will ensure that there is cordial relationship between councillors and block leaders such that together we serve people of Chibavi better,” he said.

    One of the community members present, Saidi Ntambo, said he expects good leadership from new block leaders.

    “I expect these block leaders to work for the benefit of people unlike the previous leaders who worked for personal benefits,” Ntambo said.

    Mzuzu City has 11 Wards and 14 block leaders.

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