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    CCAP Blantyre Synod General Secretary, Reverend Billy Gama, has cast a prophetic word on President Lazarus Chakwera that he will continue serving Malawians up to 2030. By implication, his statement is an endorsement to the President’s second term bid in 2025.

    Speaking during a University of Blantyre Synod graduation ceremony at Henry Henderson Institute mission yesterday, Rev Gama highlighted how society is fast accepting that a pastor can also make a good President.

    “Previously, people thought pastors are uneducated and they only settle for their career as last option. But look now, we are very glad that our current Head of State is also a pastor. When your time ends in 2030 other pastors will be encouraged that they too can run for President,” said Gama to an applause from the gathering.

    Gama’s declaration has reshaped the political discourse as he has all along being associated to the opposition Democratic Progressive Party when it was in power up to 2020.

    Within the political space, a discussion has ensued on how Tonse Alliance Partners will approach the 2025 election as in featuring one candidate or everyone going separate ways.

    Spokespersons from all parties have reminded Malawians that their initial agreement in 2020 was that they were going to work together as government up to 2025 where new agreements may be formulated.

    President Chakwera, who leads the largest party in the alliance (Malawi Congress Party), still remains a favourite among his party faithful to lead the party again in 2025.





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