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    Ahab was a just and God-fearing King until he married a treacherous woman Jezebel who strayed him from the path of God. Under her reign King Ahab committed so many errors of judgement which led to many atrocities all because of his wife’s influence.

    Women are important in every sphere of life and in most cases most men attribute their success to the contributions of their wives hence the saying behind a successful man there is a successful woman.

    But not every time that women brings positive energy in a man’s life, some women are the very reasons some men’s lives have been ruined. So, while it is true that women are the catalysts of some men’s success we must accept that behind failed man there is also a woman.

    While there were reports that Norman Chisale was the one who blocked people from having audience with Mutharika at the state house, Getrude was the main culprit of that tendency.

    There are reports that the former First Lady blocked Henry Chimunthu Banda from meeting Peter Mutharika in a bid to try to resolve the never-ending wrangles in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Reports says Chimunthu Banda requested an audience and the appointment was granted and they were set to meet on 10 July at Mutharika’s PAGE residence in Mangochi but the meeting did not take place as the former First Lady blocked the appointment.

    This is not the first time to hear news of this nature. During their time as the First Couple at State House, there were so many rumours that Getrude prevented many from seeing Mutharika.

    Peter Mutharika’s downfall is largely due to his wife of old age, Gertrude

    Getrude Mutharika is well known for her manipulative behaviour and she will do anything to get what she wants. A story is told of how Mutharika ended up with Everton Chimulirenji as his running mate in the 2019 disputed elections. It was alleged that Mutharika could not fathom the idea of seeing the UDF back in power in case Mutharika was to die in office. Mutharika was not even allowed to pick anyone from the party because Getrude had already made decisions that it had to be Chimulirenji or no one.

    The drama which characterized Mutharika’s nomination papers to the Malawi Electoral, from the suspense regarding his running mate until that afternoon hour when Chimulirenji was picked at Ginnery Corner to Mutharikas’s unamused body language was quite telling that theirs (Mutharikas and Chimulirenji) was a forced electoral marriage arrangement.

    When everyone thought the former First Lady stopped meddling into her husband’s business, here we are again with Chimunthu Banda being the latest victim. Chimunthu Banda’s offer to bring peace in the party could have gone a long way to reunite the divided party especially now that it has proved that Mutharika is a divisive figure in the party. As a former Secretary Geberal of the party, Chimunthu Banda still command some respect in the DPP. Peter Mutharika and Kondwani Nankhumwa needs someone like Chimunthu Banda to bring them together and iron out whatever differences they have if not for their good but the goodness of the party. Chimunthu Banda possess the temperament which so rare to come by in the domestic politics and that is what the DPP need.

    But again, Getrude has vested interest in the affairs of the party and she may have fears that Chimunthu Banda’s meeting with Mutharika may jeopardize whatever interest she has. When news started making rounds that Mutharika is planning to contest in the 2025 presidential elections, one could not help to think that Gertrude is behind that decision.

    As long Gertrude is there, DPP shall not know peace. Jezebel was the downfall of Ahab as Gertrude is to Peter Mutharika.





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